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FLL 37147 - Rogue Robots

Rogue Robots.jpeg

Our team, the Rogue Robots was founded in January 2018. We are a team of homeschool youth age 12-15 with half our team currently consisting of founding members. In our first competitive season we won Project Award (qualifier), Robot Game Award (qualifier) and Project Research Award (regional championship). During the summer of 2019 we mentored and participated in the Apollo Next Giant Leap Student (ANGLeS) Challenge where we were able to introduce even more students to STEM. 

GOALS for 2019-2020 


  • Add a rookie First Lego League Team to mentor and work alongside as servant leaders

  • Mentor an existing First Lego League Jr. team (age 6-10) 

  • Organize workshops and camps to introduce 100 new students to STEM education (age 6-17)

  • Create an outreach team to participate in Rover Observation And Drone Survey (ROADS) on Mars Challenge   

Contact Info for coach:

Karen Pierson

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