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LABRATS began in 2016-17, so they are just beginning their third season.

Contact info for the coach:

Lollie Garay,

832 746 2706

LAB RATS team photo.jpg
Jan 2019 Labrats IMG_1744 (1).jpg

Building FIRST Team Partnerships


A chance meeting of coaches at this year’s Kick-off event in September has led to a meaningful mentoring opportunity for our team. Rookie team # 15102, Claughton Middle School Cougars, and our team (LAB RATS) have been working together for months to help them build skills and understanding about First Tech Challenge and this years’

Some of the highlights of our work with them include:

  • Helping rookie Coach Melody Lunenburg recruit team members, order supplies and learn more about FTC.

  • Working with her team members to teach them how to use tools and equipment.  

  • Sharing half of our game field with them and helping them set it up at their school.  

  • Helping them with mechanics and construction.

  • Introducing programmers to FIRST blocks programming.

  • Offering strategies to use when deciding on their game plan.

  • Offering advice on engineering notebook construction.

  • Helping them find resources to use online.

As a result, our team members have improved their skills and are learning how to be effective mentors. We have visited them at their school several times, and invited them to scrimmage with us in our garage at Coach Lollies’ house. It’s exciting to see them finally in the games!!

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