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Welcome to ASSiST

ASSiST is a brand-new (since Oct 2015) Texas non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of advancing STEM in students of South Texas. Our mission statement is "to empower students of all ages to collaboratively explore, learn, and lead using science, technology, engineering, and math." Basically, we are an affiliation of coaches, educators, and parents dedicated to provided STEM opportunities for students in our area.

The bylaws were approved by the board Jan 1, 2016, and we hope to apply for 501c3 tax exempt status by the end of 2016 if we have the funds to do so. Per the bylaws, our purpose is as follows:

"The Corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501c3 and 170c2 of the IRS code of 1986 as amended.... In furtherance of the foregoing purposes, the Corporation shall:

  • Promote involvement in science, technology, engineering, math, computer, and robotics.

  • Promote and support involvement in robotics-based competitions such as, but not limited to, those sponsored by FIRST Foundation (

  • Provide a positive, structured environment to meet and work with professional mentors.

  • Provide technology and science education to students to improve their ability to enter the workforce upon graduation"

ASSiST will have a voting board consisting of the president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer who shall be responsible for the control and general management of the affairs, property, and business of the Corporation. The Directors shall not receive any salary or direct compensation in connection with his or her duties ....other than reimbursement for reasonable expenditures incurred in connection with their duties ...... In addition, ASSiST will have non-voting members consisting of supporters, donors, program participants, etc. Membership privileges will be defined by the Board and members will be invited by the Board to join.

At this time, the Board has elected to not charge membership fees to members although this policy may change if deemed necessary. Members who have been invited to join and who have accepted the invitation will be expected to participate in ASSiST outreach efforts such as public workshops, expos, public presentations, etc.

At this time, membership invitations are being extended to coaches of local robotics teams, engineers and managers working for local firms interested in promoting STEM, and educators. If you would like to join ASSiST, you may contact us through the email provided in the Contact Us link.


President, Clarissa Belbas

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