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ASSiST Member Teams Wrap Up a Successful Season

During the 2016-17 school season, ASSiST provided support for six member teams competing with FIRST Robotics. The support for member teams varied depending on the needs of the team but could include fundraising assistance and mentoring. All the teams had a successful season with three teams competing at the FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX, April, 2017.

  • Error 404 Robotics, Team Name Not Found, FTC 8668. Error 404 is the founding member team of ASSiST, a three year veteran of FIRST Tech Challenge, and a two year veteran of the annual FIRST World Championship. Error 404 competed at the FIRST South SuperRegional Championship in Athens, GA, March 2017, winning 2nd place Design Award, 3rd place Think award, and advancing to the World Championship. At the 2017 World Championship in Houston, Error 404 was one of four teams selected as finalist for the Inspire Award, which is the top award given at any FIRST Tech Challenge competition. Refer to their website for more info.

  • Thunderbolts, two year veteran of FIRST Lego League. The Thunderbolts were started from a group of students and parents and attended an FLL workshop hosted by Error 404 in the summer of 2015. Error 404 members have continued to mentor the team over the last two seasons. The team is composed of ten students ranging from 4th-9th grade. The Thunderbolts won 2nd place Champions Award at the local qualifier and advanced to the FIRST World Championship where they won 3rd place Project Award.

  • Team Name Wanted, FTC 11524. During the summer of 2016, Error 404 conducted an FTC workshop attended by 10 students. From this workshop was birthed two rookie FTC teams including Team Name Wanted. This rookie team (consisting of five students in 9th-7th grade) performed very well at the local level winning Inspire at the League Championship, Winning Alliance 1st team picked at the Regional Championship (Feb 2017), and advancing to the SuperRegional Championship in Athens, GA (March 2017). Unfortunately, they did not place at the SuperRegionals. However, when an international team forfeited their slot for World Championship, Team Name Wanted received a special invitation to compete.

  • Redstone Warriors, FTC 11640. Redstone was the second team birthed from the 2016 summer FTC workshop conducted by Error 404. This rookie team, consisting of six students from 7th-12th grade, was ranked 4th at the League Championship thereby advancing to compete at the Regional Championship at San Jac, Feb 2017.

  • DDoS, FTC 11811. This rookie team composed of five high school students was started early fall 2016 and was mentored by Error 404 throughout the season.

  • Fire Ferrets, FIRST Lego League. Composed of seven students in 4th-9th grade.

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