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2017-18 Season kicks off with a "flood" of activity

Late summer is usually a time of pre-season preparation, training, and outreach, but the situation was little different this season. The Houston area had an unwelcome visitor, Hurricane Harvey, arriving on Aug. 26 bringing an unprecedented amount of rain and flooding to the area. Many ASSiST families are still dealing with repairs to their flooded homes or those of extended family, friends, and church families. Even those teams who are not dealing with flooded homes are still affected by Hurricane Harvey as sponsorship funds that would normally be available from local community partners are being shifted to support Harvey relief.

Nevertheless, the robotics season "flows" onward as both FLL and FTC have kicked off and are in full swing. This year, ASSiST has added one new FTC team and three new FLL bringing the total number to 10 teams serving almost 70 students in 4th-12th grade. FTC teams are prepping for their first meets in mid November while FLL teams are expected to compete in early December. Students are busy learning how to build a robot, CAD, 3D printing, programming, routing, and many other wonderful skills.

ASSiST would like to tank all of our sponsors for the 2017-18 season! We couldn't provide this value of educational outreach to the students without your generous support. Thank you!!

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