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Sponsor Us

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, we rely completely on the generous support of our sponsors.  There are four ways you can support us as listed below:

1 - Support a FIRST Robotics Team

FIRST Tech Challenge - grades 7-12  $5000 - $15,000

All ASSiST teams are community based and must raise their own funds. The team budget for a season varies depending on the FIRST Robotics program level and how far the team advances during the season.  Expenses include the supplies for building the robot for the season, team branding (i.e.: shirts, pits,..), and travel expenses.

FIRST Lego League- grades 4-8.  avg: $1500-$2500

2- Contribute Toward General Administration Expenses

Every organization has administrative costs including paper, printer ink, copying, postage, etc.  So far, these costs have been personally absorbed by the board members.  In order to grow, ASSiST needs an income stream to cover these basic costs.


  • paper:                                         $200 +

  • ink cartridges:                              $500 +

  • postage:                                      $200 +

  • web hosting                                 $200 +

  • volunteer expense reimbursement: $1000 +


                                                      $2,100 +

3- Sponsor Our Ongoing Outreach to the Community

Throughout the year, member teams spread out through our communities conducting a variety of workshops and public events to spread STEM awareness and interest to students, parents, industry, and government representatives. Because ASSiST has no assets dedicated to outreach efforts, teams must use their competition robots, spare parts, and personally owned laptops.  The ASSiST Board has a goal  to raise funds for equipment that can be dedicated to public outreach.

4- Help Us Dream Big

ASSiST began with one FIRST Tech Challenge team operated from a garage with five high school boys, but has continued to expand each year.  With additional resources, ASSiST could reach even out further bringing 21st century STEM skills to even more students.  Help us dream big!

ASSiST grows!


Year      Students     Mentors

 1             5                  2

 2           28                10

 3           66                23


Goals for outreach equipment:

  • 5 laptops:      $1200+ /ea.

  • 5 robot kits:   $2000+ /ea.

  • 5 Arduino kits:  $150+ /ea.



Stretch Goals

  • Add 2 new teams each year

  • Reach out to communities that have limited opportunities

  • Establish a community based non-profit makerspace


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